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Thank you for considering All Saints Chapel in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, or Grace Episcopal Church, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, for your wedding ceremony or renewal of your marriage vows. All Saints Chapel is a chapel of Grace Episcopal Church in Sheboygan. All Saints is beautiful and holy ground, and we sincerely hope you will celebrate your special day with us!

We offer you this guide to help you plan your wedding or renewal of vows at Grace Church or All Saints Chapel so that your ceremony is faithful to your life as a couple and to Christian worship. Please read through this guide for practical direction and for introduction to the deeper meaning of vows made in church. Christian marriage “signifies to us the mystery of the union between Christ and his Church, and Holy Scripture commends it to be honored among all people.” (The Book of Common Prayer, page 423) 

Grace Episcopal Church and its chapel, All Saints, are above all, houses of worship and active ministry. All Saints is served by the Rector of Grace Church and other Episcopal clergy under the authority of the Rt. Rev Matthew Gunter, Bishop of the Diocese of Fond du Lac, and are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. In the summer months, All Saints Chapel has regular Sunday services and is visited by our Bishop annually.  

All Saints Chapel is not a “wedding venue,” as such. It is, indeed, a beautiful, holy place where you as a couple, like so many couples with their loved ones throughout the years, can joyfully solemnize your vows and receive God’s blessing.


Applications, Arrangements, Expectations

  • Inquiry/applications are made by contacting Grace Church: (920)-452-9659 or You will be referred to Grace Church’s wedding ministry team who will guide you through the next steps. 

  • Weddings at All Saints Chapels are held from May 1 through October 31.

  • All applications for marriage or renewal of vows must be complete and submitted to Grace Church at least sixty (60) days prior to the wedding date. It is strongly encouraged, however, that couples plan at least one year in advance to secure a presiding minister and the date you desire at All Saints.

  • All applications, including your choice of presiding clergy, are accepted with the approval of the Rector, or head priest, of Grace Episcopal Church.

  • Ordained Christian ministers of other denominations are welcome to preside at weddings at All Saints. The Rector of Grace Church is happily available for requests to preside at your wedding, as well. Wedding services are performed according to rites and vows of recognized denominations or churches, and with approval of the Rector of Grace Church.  

  • For weddings at Grace Church in Sheboygan, the Rector of Grace Church will normally be the officiant of your wedding. Please contact the church as soon as possible for the Rector's availability.

  • Pre-marital counseling is required for all couples getting married at All Saints whether you have counseling with your own choice of clergy or counselor, or with clergy of Grace Church. The Rector will accept a letter from your presiding minister or counselor, no later than sixty (60) days in advance of your wedding date, affirming you have been or will be adequately prepared and instructed for Christian matrimony (often by three or four counseling sessions).

  • Along with acceptance of your application and the letter concerning your pre-marital counseling, the wedding date is secured by a non-refundable deposit of $750 no later than sixty (60) days prior to your wedding. This deposit will be applied to remaining wedding fees.  Please notice the fees that are applicable to “Members” and “Guest Couples.” 

  • For the purposes of wedding applications and fees, a "member" is someone who has been attending Grace Church/All Saints for a reasonable period of time, is known to the Clergy, Wardens (elected lay leaders), and Treasurer of Grace Church through their involvement in ministry and Christian formation, and by some level of financial commitment to the life of congregation. 

  • All Saints Chapel can accommodate 40 seated guests with a limit of 48 persons maximum in the Chapel at any time.

  • Prior to and on your wedding day, the couple, guests, photographers, wedding consultants, food servers, etc., shall follow the direction of the hosts and representatives of Grace Church closely, charitably, and graciously. 

  • Couples and guests agree to make every reasonable effort to keep All Saints, St Hubertus Hall, and the chapel grounds clean and in good condition. Failure to do so according to the judgement of Grace Church will result in forfeiture of the cleaning deposit ($250).

  • If you choose to have a wedding with Grace Church clergy or other Episcopal clergy as Officiant, at least one person of the couple must be baptized.

  • If the Rector or other Grace Church or Episcopal priest will preside at your wedding, Holy Communion will be celebrated at your wedding.

  • If the Rector or other clergy of Grace Church or other Episcopal clergy will preside at your wedding, and if one or both members of the couple have been previously divorced, a copy of the divorce decree and proof of fulfillment of attending obligations must be presented to the clergy no later than sixty (60) days prior to your wedding. 

  • If you choose the Rector or other Grace or other Episcopal clergy to preside at your wedding, you will be instructed to follow the counsel and direction of your priest concerning liturgy planning, music, readings, etc., according to the Book of Common Prayer and the rites and worship supplements of the Episcopal Church.

  • Wedding rehearsals at All Saints Chapel are not available for the day before the wedding; rehearsals will be held the morning of the wedding ONLY.

  • The chapel is staffed with volunteers from Grace Episcopal and we ask that they be treated with patience and respect for the time and service to you.


  • Use of All Saints Chapel and Saint Hubertus Hall by Members:           No fee

  • Use of All Saints Chapel and Saint Hubertus Hall by Guest Couples:  $1,000

  • If Grace Church clergy presiding, Minimum Honorarium for clergy:    $500

  • Refundable cleaning deposit - Members or Guest Couples:     $250 (Will be refunded within 2 weeks after the buildings and grounds have been checked following the ceremony.)    

On Your Wedding Day

Although there are facilities available in St Hubertus Hall for bridal preparation, space and privacy are limited.  Wedding parties may prefer to come to the chapel already dressed. 

Please arrive no later than sixty (60) minutes prior to your wedding.

Flowers may be placed throughout most of the church. No more than two flower arrangements (one on either side) may be placed on the altar.  Flowers beside or in front of the altar on the floor are acceptable.  Candles may be placed on the altar. No candles or flower arrangements may be placed on the Chandeliers in the Chapel. Other decoration must be approved by the Grace ministry team, consulting as needed with the rector of Grace Church.

Because the outward, sacramental sign of the couple’s unity is above all the Holy Communion, along with the vows and the blessing of the couple’s commitment, a unity candle is not used at All Saints, regardless of the denomination of clergy or Christian rite used.

Rice, confetti or bubbles are not allowed. Rose petals may be used outside the chapel but NOT inside.

No smoking is allowed inside of All Saints Chapel or St. Hubertus Hall.

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