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All Saints Chapel:
A Chapel of Grace Episcopal Church, Sheboygan, WI 

2024 Season: All Sundays from
Memorial Day to End of September


All Saints Chapel Elkhart Lake will open on Sunday, May 26th (Memorial Day weekend) and continue through the month of September, the last Sunday will be September 29th. Service begins at 9:00 AM. 

Fr William Bulson will be the celebrant on the first Sundays in June, July, August, and September. Fr Patrick Twomey will once again be the celebrant on the other Sundays.

Services will continue to be a shared ministry and volunteers are needed. Please contact the Parish Office at 920-452-9659 for checklists and instructions. 


Greetings in the Name of Christ! 


Grace Episcopal Church, Sheboygan, has offered summer services for vacationers in the Elkhart Lake area since the 1930s. With the Hayssen Foundation, Grace Church acquired property on County Road P and built All Saints Chapel in English country style. It was completed and consecrated in 1951. 


Ever since its consecration, All Saints has offered Sunday services roughly late May through early September, as well as weddings and other religious services throughout the year by appointment. The head priest, or rector, of Grace Church is the head priest of All Saints, and the rector calls on auxiliary clergy to officiate for most services at this Elkhart Lake mission church.


At one time, the current property had a hunter’s cabin. Now, for gatherings we have St Hubertus Hall, named after the patron saint of hunters. All Saints Chapel celebrates St Hubertus Day in early November with a Blessing of the Hunters.  


Throughout the year, visitors often come to the chapel and grounds for prayer, meditation, recreation, landscape painting, and photography. You are welcome at any time to enjoy the peace and beauty of this most holy place. 


The prayers of the Ever-blessed Virgin Mary, St Hubertus, and All the Saints protect you! The blessings of God the Holy Trinity go with you!


Chapel interior


Crucifix behind the altar

The Story of Saint Hubertus

Hubertus was born the son of a duke in 656 A.D., in what is now France. He led a life full of luxury, leisure, and education.  He was good looking and intelligent, strong and energetic, influential and friendly.


When he was young, he especially loved the outdoors. He spent much time hunting and was known as an expert bowman. He hunted so much that he didn’t have much time for prayer, hunting even on holy days, which was considered a great sacrilege.


His beloved wife and hunting companion, Floribanne, died during Holy Week of 684 and on that Good Friday Hubertus went hunting to console himself. As Hubertus was hunting a stag, he had a vision of a crucifix (the Cross with the crucified Jesus on it) shining between the stag’s antlers. 


The Lord Jesus Christ told Hubertus in the vision that he needed to find purpose and comfort not only in hunting but even more especially in serving the Gospel. He told Hubertus to go visit a holy bishop, Lambert, to find out what to do next. Hubertus was touched to the heart by this vision and was eager to do what the Lord told him.


Hubertus was so committed to the Gospel of Jesus that, under the guidance of holy Bishop Lambert, he gave all his wealth to the poor and his noble titles to his brother. He became a priest and spread the Gospel of Jesus among the country people and hunters he loved so much. He fasted and prayed a great deal, was a moving preacher, took care of the poorest in the countryside, and was a wise steward of the forest and wildlife.

Hubertus eventually became Bishop of Liege and was known for his miraculous works of healing. He died peacefully in 727 and was recognized as a saint in 743. His body is in St Hubertus Church in Belgium, which has been the site of pilgrimages and miracles ever since.


People who love the outdoors find St Hubertus to be a friend and intercessor, with his special concern for hunters, bowmen, hunting dogs, hunting raptors and falconers, and the inhabitants of the forest. His Feast Day is November 3rd.


He has a window dedicated to him in All Saints Chapel, Elkhart Lake, that depicts his vision of the crucified Jesus in the stag’s antlers. And the fellowship hall on the grounds of the chapel is named St. Hubertus Hall, not far from where a hunter’s cabin once stood on the chapel grounds.


Grace Episcopal Church and its chapel All Saints are honored to share in the Blessing of the Hunters with you each year, on or around November 3rd.


St Hubertus and all you saints, pray for us!

Questions about services, weddings, or other religious events at All Saints Chapel? 

Please contact us!

Grace Episcopal Church 1011 N 7th Street Sheboygan, WI 53081

phone: 920.452.9659  


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