The Bible ChallengeRead the entire Bible in one year

What is the Bible Challenge

Participation in the Bible Challenge will allow you to read the entire Bible in one year, in a structured fashion, using a schedule of readings that will not require you to read for more than about 45 minutes a day. We will follow the schedule developed by The Center for Biblical Studies, an international organization founded by an Episcopal priest in Pennsylvania. Here’s what The Center for Biblical Studies (CBS) has to say about the challenge:

The CBS intentionally focuses on reading the entire Bible, reading the books of the Bible in sequence and ensuring that a psalm and a portion of the New Testament are read each day in order to provide strong spiritual daily content to sustain readers working through the entire Bible. You can start this schedule on any day of the year that you like. This schedule works ideally if you begin on a Monday because we encourage readers to read portions of the Bible Monday through Saturday and assume that on Sunday they will be in church hearing the Scriptures read aloud. The Bible is best understood in the context of a faith community, and by persons who are committed to following the teachings of Jesus and obeying the Word of God in their daily life.

Every Monday we will post, a video overview discussion of the major themes encountered in the week’s readings (Monday through Saturday), together with insights on the origins of the readings and their overall theological context. To the right are outlines for the readings that will highlight major theological issues and themes for the six days of readings for the coming week. A separate outline for for the upcoming Sunday readings can be found on the Grace Church website under “Christian Education: Adult Education: Bible Study”. In other words, you can follow the entire course of the Bible, and all of the Sunday lessons, in your own reading and listening, and you can use study guides prepared for each reading.

The Episcopal Church incorporates Scripture in all worship. The lectionary used for Sunday worship, the lectionary used for the daily office of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, and the lectionary used for the celebration of the feasts of saints, all combine to expose the worshipper to more content from the Bible than is found is any other organized system of worship. But even if you attend all worship services, you will not hear all of the Bible. By reading all of the Bible you will steep yourself in God’s holy Word. As St. Paul writes at 2 Tim. 3.16: “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that everyone who belongs to God may be proficient, equipped for every good work.”

Study the word. Live the word.

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Bible Challenge Reading Schedule

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